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Dear Sir:

I am writing to tell you how amazing your X Jow Pain Gel is. As both a patient and and Acupuncturist, I have yet to find another product on the market that is as effective in healing and pain relief as this product is. I have used it on hundreds of patients and I have seen amazing results. Decreased healing times, decreased inflammation and pain are but a few of the awesome benefits of this product. It allows my patients to get back to their everyday lives much more quickly than traditional products including ibuprofen and all the other “patches” sold in drug stores. I highly recommend this product.

Thanks for a great product!/


Dear Dr. Nalbandyan and Cynthia,

It was a pleasure to host you and your family at the last Derby Dolls event. Hopefully your youngest will forgo the legos and join you next time!

Thank you for formulating such an excellent product…and for making me look good as a practitioner. I will continue to be your biggest cheerleader in any way I can.

Derby Dolls – Doll Repair Team
Johann Ho L.Ac.

“Three years ago, I suffered a sports injury that lead to a hematoma on my outer thigh. After the black/blue/redness and swelling went down I was left with a lumpy appearance and I had a hard “disc” underneath my skin in the muscle tissue. About a year and a half ago, I started receiving untrasound treatment which helped with the lumpiness and hard “disc” under the skin. The Chiropractic/Acupuncture team I receive care from provided me with X-Jow for an unrelated sports injury to my neck, and started using X-Jow on the hematoma. Not only did the X-Jow assist in the recovery for my neck, it markedly assisted in the softening of the disc under my skin. I use it twice a day for the hematoma and on every sports pain or kink to help speed my recovery time.”

Lusty Loveless
Los Angeles Derby Dolls

Why X-Jow is Right For You

Long before the emergence of the modern pharmaceutical industry, humanity relied heavily on natural substances, such as herbs and minerals, to heal and alleviate pain.

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By linking the past with the present we strive to create a bright future for all people who struggle on a daily basis with pain.
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