About X-Jow

Traditional Chinese Herbs & Modern Techniques for Serious Pain Relief

Introducing X-Jow

It is rather hard for me to talk about X-Jow without getting teary-eyed because it represents a significant portion of my life, where daily struggle to move forward was the norm. I recently realized that X-Jow to me was like my fifth child, and I have been devoted to it with all my heart and soul. I have kept it with me for the last 18 years, constantly grooming and refining it to be the best it can be, while being its biggest and meanest critic. It did not matter how well it performed; I was not happy. I simply expected more.I protected and guarded X-Jow from all of the marketing geniuses and businessman who thought they could pimp it. I thought that it would never be strong enough to stand on its own two feet. But, what I did not realize is that, just like in nature, everything has its maturing time. The moon can’t go around the world faster than it does; it takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun. You can’t become 10 years old before you become 9. Well, you get my point. So, I guess it’s time for me to let X-Jow walk its own path in life and make its own mark. It is quite coincidental that I am writing this on the 18th year of X-Jow ‘s existence. Actually, I don’t like writing, but something inspired me to sit down and write. So, you are eighteen, my child. You have matured and are free to go. I trust you now!

For me X-Jow was a necessity. I created it to simply be able to continue the lifestyle that I chose.In 1999, I was accepted into Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine as a student of Chinese medicine. At the same time, I was a student of Hung Gar Kung Fu, studying and fighting under Sifu Buck Sam Kong.

To make a long story short, I created X-jow to be able to attend classes at the medical school, in one piece, after my training sessions and fights. I was a medical student by day, and a fighter by night. This statement will probably make many that knew me back then laugh in reminiscence. Within the first year of medical school, X-Jow got its first break with the Emperor’s college students and staff, and it was welcomed into the Emperor’s College clinic.

It got its start in 1999, but my obsession with X-Jow did not start until 2003, when I opened my first Chinese medicine clinic and started treating patients; this is where I realized the true potential of this humble but complex formula.

At this point, X-Jow became an obsession for me, and I was determined for it to be the best topical Chinese medicine that the world has ever seen. I wanted my patients to heal faster, heal better, and be on their feet regardless of what their other doctors would tell them. I was determined to go against the convention. So, I dove deeper than ever before, into the study of Chinese herbs, traumatology (“dit dar” in Chinese), orthopedics, and rheumatology in order to refine X-Jow. The present formula is the end result of 18 years of trial and error. I don’t know if I truly made the best topical product in the world, but those who use it swear by it.

Over the last 18 years, I have used X-Jow for a variety of injuries that I have personally sustained: Grade 1 and 2 sprained ankles, multiple milled to severe shin contusions and bruises, calf sprain, dislocated right knee with medial meniscal tear, right sided femoral nerve compression from piking a 220 lbs. guy up and slamming him during a sparring session, multiple broken ribs, countless back sprains, SI joint sprains, right AC joint sprain/separation, left supraspinatus partial tear, bruised knuckles, left 1st metacarpal fracture, wrist sprains, multiple neck sprains, 7 broken noses (but only in training never in a fight), and countless black and blue eyes.

It sounds almost ridiculous to me. This is the first time I have actually listed my injuries on paper, so I did not even realize how many I had, and man that is a world of pain.  Well, X-Jow has finally passed my test. It has helped me as well as thousands of patients I have treated over the years.

If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for anyone.

X-Jow has made Herb-X renowned around the world. In fact, many Chinese medical schools and doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths and Medical Doctors exclusively use our product for patients with any of the conditions mentioned below. By producing great results without adverse effects, our product’s popularity continues to grow.                                                           

X-Jow pain gel is handcrafted by Dr. Nalbandyan in a painstaking 1 year process. Each bottle is guaranteed to consist of only the finest hand selected all natural ingredients. Developed over 18 years, the proprietary, potent combination of Chinese herbs at the heart of X-Jow is its secret to providing natural pain relief.

Leave Physical Pain in the Past With X-Jow Pain Spray or Gel

Traditional Chinese Herbs & Modern Techniques for Serious Pain Relief

Physical pain is an unfortunate part of daily life for many. Whether you suffer from sports injuries, or simply the common aches and pains associated with aging, finding a pain relief cream, gel, or other solution that works is essential.

While most pain relievers deliver short-term solutions to your problems, X-Jow goes beyond that. By penetrating deep down into the tissue to reduce swelling, inflammation, or other common issues associated with stiffness and soreness, X-Jow delivers comprehensive solutions that others don’t. As a result, you’re able to go about your day without being plagued by constant pain.

Common Injuries Treatable by X-Jow

Leave your pain pills behind and instead, choose relief through the power of Chinese herbs. X-Jow is suitable for a variety of conditions, including:

Instead of icing or heating your injury, X-Jow maintains blood flow at the source of the problem, leading to long-term healing that reduces swelling, inflammation, and strengthens bones and ligaments. Furthermore, it produces no harmful side-effects, a rare quality with typical pain medications.

This means that, by choosing X-Jow, you can have relief that doesn’t inhibit your daily functionality or cause more problems than it resolves. Enjoy true well-being, free from the pain of your injury!


Through its powerful, proprietary blend of Chinese herbs, you can count on X-Jow to deliver only relief, no side-effects.

About our Clinic

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At the Herb-X Clinic, we believe in translating ancient herbal medicines and healing into the 21st century. When you choose our clinic as an alternative to conventional and often risky surgeries and medications, you receive more than a solution to your medical-related needs. You receive an education to empower your well-being and improve your condition naturally.