My wife and I have been using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as our major source of health care for over 25 year with great success. About 5 years ago my wife started having pain and trouble walking using her right leg. After several doctors opinions and x rays, it was decided it was a spinal disc problem and that surgery should be tried as a possible fix, but no guarantees. We had been seeing our acupuncturist, Dr. Raymond Rubio, who was trying to help, but finally admitted that it wasn’t working and referred us to his good friend, Aram Nanbandyan. Dr. Rubio’s statement to us was “If anyone can help you, Aram Nalbandyan will.” He could not have been more correct. It was not a disc problem, but a femoral nerve problem. After just 8 treatments with Dr. Nalbandyan, the problem was completely cured and was gone just as if it had never happened. My wife and I both have been seeing Dr. Nalbandyan for any problems we have.

With Dr. Nalbandyan’s trust, expertise and compassion, neither one of us are on any prescription medications. Need I say more?

Do yourself and your and friends and family a favor and put your health care in Dr. Nalbandyan’s more than qualified hands with the assurance that you will get the best care possible. Also, be assured that his lovely wife, Cynthia, works hand in hand with Dr Nalbandyan and will be there for you, too!

Most sincerely,

Jerry and Audrey Trent

Dear Sir:

I am writing to tell you how amazing your X Jow Pain Gel is. As both a patient and and Acupuncturist, I have yet to find another product on the market that is as effective in healing and pain relief as this product is. I have used it on hundreds of patients and I have seen amazing results. Decreased healing times, decreased inflammation and pain are but a few of the awesome benefits of this product. It allows my patients to get back to their everyday lives much more quickly than traditional products including ibuprofen and all the other “patches” sold in drug stores. I highly recommend this product.

Thanks for a great product!/


I am corporate Professional. And I spend an average of 8-10 hours a day working on my computer. I suffered from severe neck and wrist pain. I was discussing my dilemma with my co-worker, who is a weekend warrior. My co -worker introduced me to X-jow. I am able to control my neck, shoulders and wrist pain with the X-JOW. I keep a bottle in my desk, and in my purse, and I use it whenever I feel my neck and shoulders are over worked. I have experienced a dramatic difference in relief and my range of motion has increased.

Christine D, Burbank CA 

Dr. Nalbandyan and his products are amazing! He is a very dedicated and compassionate person. X-Jow has been a life saver to me. Anytime I have pain my go to product is X-Jow. It takes away the pain and actually heals the ailment! Nothing works like X-Jow!!

-Clarissa S.

Aram is simply brilliant. Not only is he incredible at what he does, as an acupuncturist and an expert in Chinese Medicine, but he is a fantastic person who makes it his mission to help you from the moment you meet him. Never in the medical field had I come across such a focused, knowledgeable, patient and personable individual. I know I’m always in good hands with Aram and highly recommend him.

Bryant Knight

I was suffering serious pain in my lower back after having an accident and falling very hard on it. Aram was recommend to me by a close friend. I was skeptical about trying acupuncture for the first time but I am so relieved I did see Aram because he diagnosed the issue and treated it — and I am happy to say I no longer have any pain in my lower back. I was so surprised on how quickly I got better. Aram is what I have always hoped for in a medical professional but NEVER before received – someone who actually listens and cares about a patient as a whole person.


Dear Dr. Nalbandyan and Cynthia,

It was a pleasure to host you and your family at the last Derby Dolls event. Hopefully your youngest will forgo the legos and join you next time!

Thank you for formulating such an excellent product…and for making me look good as a practitioner. I will continue to be your biggest cheerleader in any way I can.

Derby Dolls – Doll Repair Team
Johann Ho L.Ac.

As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I have been using X-Jow on my patients for pain and trauma and have been getting excellent results.


Donna Dupree, L.Ac. D.A.O.M.

Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner

My private practice consists of clients who see me due to chronic pain, long term repetitive strain injuries, movement/postural imbalances, and other orthopedic/neurological dysfunctions.

I currently have been using the X-Jow Gel and Earthritis Cream for over a year. I use it as part of my treatment session when I do manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release/Hellerwork Structural Integration, joint mobilization, scar tissue mobilization, and edema management.

I use the X-Jow for any new/recent traumas/tendonitis/bruising of tissue, new joint inflammation. I find that it really decreases the inflammatory process quickly, even if it is chronic. For example, with repetitive strain injuries when I use it instead of traditional lotions or creams such as fascia free or free-up. I can feel the change of shift in the tissue quality almost immediately and it allows me to free the restrictions more easily and also tells me where it needs to move. I feel that because the ingredients don’t create a cooling or heating effect; it may create a different healing environment for the tissues to heal. I feel the gel and or cream does not activate any trigger points, but helps to remove it while I am manipulating the area.

The Earthritis I use to help with increased muscle tone in the area of inflammation and or just muscle spasticity due to neurological impairments… for example, I use it when I do manual treatment with my post stroke clients and it seems to help with reducing the tone in the area. I use it more on already stiffened and decreased joints. I sometimes use it combined together with the X-Jow gel just depending on the need of the client and or I use the cream if I need more of a glide to the manual technique that I am doing.

Some of my clients really like the effect of the gel and have purchased my extra tubes from me. I don’t see chronic joint/arthritic clients too much, but my mom has purchased the Earthritis cream for her hands due to joint changes in her fingers. I think the Earthritis cream would be good for people with OA/RA in their hands and other parts of their body.

I use a lot of varieties of oils and lotions in my private practice to include therapeutic grade essential oils. I feel that the X-Jow and the Earthritis is of high quality ingredients. It blends well when I also use it with my essential oils at times to assist me to help my clients when they come to see me for sign cant and problematic body issues/injuries. I will continue to purchase and use the products from Herb-X.

Keri Yamamoto, OTR, LMT

As I said the doctor who performed the first biopsy who gave me a hematoma, said I was going to be black and blue for six months. Two weeks later when I went to see her, she and the nurse could not believe the difference. The black and blue are virtually almost all gone. The X-Jow Pain Gel was amazing.

Also, the life saver of my life has been the Easy Life pills. I was so upset at the diagnosis from my doctors I could not function at all. Taking those little tiny herb pills absolutely put me back on track and feeling normal. No one at work could believe my attitude and I absolutely, positively, 100% know that it was the Easy Life pills. I cannot wait to start them up again.

Also, on another note Dr. Aram also kept me from having to undergo surgery a couple of years ago with a torn meniscus in my left knee. An orthopedic surgeon was insisting on surgeon. For two years, my knee has been absolutely 100% fine since Dr. Aram’s treatments.

Rosemary F

“Three years ago, I suffered a sports injury that lead to a hematoma on my outer thigh. After the black/blue/redness and swelling went down I was left with a lumpy appearance and I had a hard “disc” underneath my skin in the muscle tissue. About a year and a half ago, I started receiving untrasound treatment which helped with the lumpiness and hard “disc” under the skin. The Chiropractic/Acupuncture team I receive care from provided me with X-Jow for an unrelated sports injury to my neck, and started using X-Jow on the hematoma. Not only did the X-Jow assist in the recovery for my neck, it markedly assisted in the softening of the disc under my skin. I use it twice a day for the hematoma and on every sports pain or kink to help speed my recovery time.”

Lusty Loveless
Los Angeles Derby Dolls

After years of tiger balm, salanopas patches, arnica, trameel cream, or advil for muscle pain relief, I am getting the best relief ever and seem to actually be healing my injured areas with this cream

When Devon is sore from dancing, that is the cream she asks to have rubbed on. It’s what we all go looking for when we hurt…Wich is much less than it used to be.

It penetrates to deeper pain and gives longer relief than anything else I have tried.

It is comparable to the pharmaceutical cream my mom is prescribed for her fibromialgia pain.

Really, I can probably give him an honest endorsement for any angle he needs covered!

Vern, Derry’s partner, 72 years old, said he couldn’t use stairs before he started using it on his knees. Now they are so much better that he forgets to put the cream on!

I want to see other peoples testimonials, to see what amazing things have been improved for them 🙂

It’s a small thing, but the menthol smell of most pain creams and patches nauseated me if was above my waist when I slept, and this cream I can even put on my neck and sleep.


I highly recommend Dr. Nalbandyan. Contrary to Western Medicine€™s belief, his usage of Western Medicine had eliminated the need for pharmaceuticals to control my allergies. In addition his X-Jow formulation is phenomenal. I bring it everywhere I go. The quick healing capability of muscles and tendons not only has helped me and my friends, but I even use it on my horses. Then of course there is the wonderful Silky Revolution. What a face cream. Keeps my face hydrated and young looking. Love it, love you cannot wait to see what else you will come up with.

Reggie C.

I had a severe shoulder pain and I was diagnose to have a shoulder surgery, I look for something alternative to avoid it, so a a friend of mine recommend me an acupuncturist in which I had many sessions with no results and the pain was increasing, finally he recommend me Dr. Aram.I was treated by him, It took us time because the severity was in the last stage, but he cured me. He is very diligent and professional, he’s been helping me with other illnesses as well with the same good results. His wife is very attentive and helpful, my relatives in Mexico also ask for his herbs and I send them when they require them. Dr.Nalbandyan is very honest. Don’t hesitate. “HE IS THE BEST”.

Daniel Q.

I threw out my back last week. The first day I could not walk. I used Dr. Aram’s “Earthritis” and the next day I was still sore but could at least get myself to his clinic for a treatment. After the first treatment, I felt much better and gained some range of motion back. I continued to use the Earthritis. By the second treatment, I felt much better. Today is exactly one week since my back had a popping feeling and I could not walk. Today I am headed back to the gym. I am 100% better and no pain. Not even a twinge.

The clinic is very peaceful, and professional. Dr. Aram fixed my problem quickly and efficiently. The staff are very friendly and caring.

I do not really like needles, but it was worth it to walk again so quickly. It was NOT a painful process.

My entire family has Dr. Aram’s pain gel and earthritis cream on hand at all times. I am glad I went to see Dr. Aram quickly because when I have had this type of back pain before, it lasted long over one month. I would recommend this clinic and its products to anyone.

Toni L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nalbandyan for over 6 years. He is my and my family’s “go to” doctor for all kinds of problems. I really appreciate the natural and wholistic way of treatments at the Orthopedic Wellness Center. For me and my family, the “big pharma” is not an option and we appreciate Dr. Nalbandyan’s customized natural herbal formulas that help with variety of issues.

He has treated me for tennis elbow and associated sharp pains that I had for over a month. All my symptoms were gone after my FIRST treatment with him!!! I have been treated for stress and related migranes and results have been incredible and long lasting. In addition, I have treated for various issues relating to female health and I have been very satisfied with the effective results each and every time.

Dr. Nalbandyan is very professional, caring, and sincere. He will tell you what’s wrong and he will tell you how to make it right, and HE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. I highly recommend Dr. Nalbandyan – he is a doctor who, unlike other professinals in the field who try to bill as much as they can, ONLY cares about his pateints’ wellbeing.

I definitely recommend Orthopedic Wellness Center to everyone!!!

Patient M. Burbank, CA

Dr Aram’s treatments get great results! You can tell he loves Oriental Medicine and his patients. The herbal medicines I have gotten there are high quality and very effective. I have sent many friends and they are also very satisfied with their health progress! Absolutely trust him to help you.

Susan E. LA,CA

Because of a car accident decades ago, I have some recurring neck and back issues, which used to leave me incapacitated for weeks. In the search for more effective treatments, Aram Nalbandyan was recommended to me as “the best orthopedic acupuncturist in LA” by a very successful acupuncturist friend. And guess what–that description is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. He is THE BEST and I’ve had dozens of acupuncturists treat me, all over the world. Dr. Nalbandyan’s skill and technique is so much more helpful for me than standard western medicine, or even chiropractic, that now the first place I go for treatment and healing is to this clinic. His technique brings real results, even when others have failed, and he’s a very compassionate and gracious doctor besides. This is the first place I send family and friends when they’re hurting. I recommend him without reservation. Oh, and his wife, who manages his office and is often on duty as the receptionist, is lovely and most helpful as well.

David N. Long Beach, CA

As an athlete I greatly appreciate the services offered by Dr. Nalbandyan. Do not think I can live without my X-Jow. Instead of bearing with the pain, get a visit with this center. Well worth it and will have you back in action in no time

Regina T. Burbank, CA

I have had several recent astounding experiences with X-Jow – many with patients and now a personal one. I took a nasty fall playing tag with the kids (the dog side-swiped my legs mid sprint). I badly sprained my foot, ankle and knee. I could barely manage to limp. Using X-Jow took the pain, swelling and bruising away startlingly fast! It’s 4 days later and I’m healing so well. I’m walking without a limp.

Jeremiah Krieger, L.Ac.

I hurt my back two days ago. At first I could not walk my back was spasming so bad. I used earthritis cream right away. Then I could walk and felt better. Went for a treatment today from Dr. Aram…I am standing better and feel better.You should see the bottle of pain pills my other doctor gave me! 90 pills. PLUS muscle relaxers. I am not taking them. I am thinking after my treatment on Monday, i will be even better. I can’t wait because I miss Zumba and Boxing.


About 2 years ago my sister gave me x-jow trauma liniment. It’s great for rubbing into sore muscles after my cycling and running workouts!

Danielle Myers

I had hurt my back at work and had an MRI done which showed damaged to my lower lumbar. Subsequently, I was given physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. I did not feel better till I started seeing Dr. Nalbandyan and consistently using X-Jow. I would highly recommend anybody to try it out and see for yourself how this herbal liniment can help you.

Robert C

Dr. Aram Nalbandyan,

About a year ago I contracted the condition named Bells Palsy. It is a condition where the nerve directly behind your ear dies. The paralysis is either one side, or both sides, of your face goes dead, and your face drops. It is almost like getting a novocaine shot from the dentist. It feels like it is all puffed up and you can not chew, move or blink. Basically your side of your face is dead. Through Dr. Nalbandyan’s acupuncture treatment I am nearly 100% recovered.

Also wanted to let you know how wonderful your X-Jow ointment is. In addition I have had neck problems for some time now. But since I have been using your X-Jow, the pain is now gone and I am back to normal. Prior to this I have used pain medication, muscle relaxers, etc. and they do not take care of the problem. They just mask it temporarily, and the pain always returns. It also has helped in the quick healing of bruises. Thank you so much for your advice, help and professionalism. You are a fabulous Doctor and a treasured friend. I will continue to refer all my friends and family to you for help when in need.

And, like several others have mentioned, his wife Cythia is truly a treasure. She can calm the beast in anyone with her soft and calming voice. She also treats you, not as a patient, but like a family member, showing TRUE concern for your welfare. Love you both like family.

Thank You

Ramon Masongsong

I am a chiropractic sports injury specialist working with elite, world-class, Olympian and professional athletes for the last 24 years. For the last seven years I have been involved as the doctor in banked track roller derby in which their are lots of injuries from concussions, fractures, dislocations, sprain/strains and contusions. I was introduced to X-jao and Earthrightis by Johanna Ho L.Ac. for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. I have never seen anything like the results of these two products when it comes to inflammation, contusion, pain relief, swelling, sprain/strains and arthritis pain. I use it daily in my practice and my patients love the results. W Dr. Nalbalbadyan you are a Genuis!!! Thanks for making me look like I know what I’m doing.

Richard Fox, D.C

I was getting very dry cracked skin on may hands & fingers so bad it would bleed easily. Dr. Nalbandyan recommended using his Earthrightis Cream and it cleared up the problems after using it for four weeks. I also use his X-Jow Pain Gel during my massage therapy for the pain I get with my bulging disks and it helps reduce my pain level a lot. I really appreciate his products a lot.

Jerry C

I had a bad fall and broke my neck and injured nerves in my right arm. I had several surgery’s and was left with a lot of peripheral nerve pain. I also have neuropathy in both of my feet. After receiving both acupuncture an massage therapy with the X-Jow Pain , it greatly reduced the pain I was having. I would recommend it to everyone because it works so well. I also use the earthrightis cream for my fingers and joint pain and it works just a good. Thanks Dr. Aram for coming up with such great products that work.

Janette S

I’ve been having gout for many years in my foot. I rub the X-Jow Pain Gel to my gout area several times a day and it takes away the excruciating pain and swelling I get with it. I also have very bad knee pain from bone rubbing on bone which makes it swell a lot. I use the X-Jow Pain Gel on the area and it reduces the swelling a joint pain a lot.

J Kojo

I’m a ballroom dancer and sometimes have shoulder and foot pain. A little X-Jow fixes me right up so I can get back out to dancing. As a nurse I love this product because there’s nothing unhealthy in it. Thanks!

Lisa Solis DeLong

I am a dancer, and I teach Pilates and ballet. I have been using this amazing X-Jow gel from Dr. Aram for the past few years and it works like magic for me in alleviating pain and speeding up the healing process! I recommend it to my students and they’re always amazed at how well it works! It’s an amazing product! I’ve never used anything that was as effective at both taking away pain and healing joint and muscle strains and injuries. I highly recommend it!

Merilee Blaisdell

Hello Aram and Cythia. I thought it was past time that I gave my testimonial. I have been having some serious issues with my arthritis, increasing over several months. Your XJow is absolutely the best relief I can give myself! And, I'm excited to be able to share your product with my friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your care and amazing knowledge to formulate XJow and for working diligently to get it on the market.