Traditional Kung Fu

Traditional Kung Fu Classes in Burbank, CA

Traditional Kung Fu is not simply a matter of physical exercise or even a competitive sport. It is about developing discipline in all facets of life: physical, mental, spiritual. It is about learning and challenging yourself each step of the way. Your ability to learn and develop meaningful skill in training is a direct reflection of the instruction you receive. Equally important is your dedication to training and refining your skills. Ultimately, the discipline you achieve through Traditional Kung Fu training can be applied to any and all of your life’s endeavors.

Dr. Aram Nalbandyan is a disciple of Master Buck Sam Kong. At Tiger and Crane Kung Fu, he offers a variety of classes instructing both children and adults in traditional Kung Fu. Through traditional training, you can learn self-defense techniques, leadership skills, courage, commitment, honor, and self-respect. Learn these things and you will be successful, not only in training but in life. Traditional Kung Fu is a family and you will take that bond with you along your path.

A Historical Look at Traditional Kung Fu

Traditional Kung Fu speaks to both athletic ability and intelligence, while embodying the history of Chinese culture. As a primary component of Chinese national culture, traditional Kung Fu was initially intended to aid in hunting while providing protective techniques in defense of the nation.

Kung Fu continued to evolve throughout Chinese history and, today, is most respected for its philosophical and spiritual role within the culture. While Kung Fu was once used to protect oneself and disable opponents, its rich cultural role dictates many of the disciplines learned in Kung Fu today.

Characteristics of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is characterized by its striking style, utilizing kicking, blocking, and other attack techniques to disable opponents. Known for its beauty and flow, Kung Fu is respected as both art and sport.

Join Us for Classes to Develop Your Own Skill

At Tiger and Crane Kung Fu, we provide adults and kids with instruction that teaches the patience, respect, humility, and morality that is essential to Chinese culture.

Join our monthly classes or sign up for private instruction to discover the many benefits of Kung Fu. View our hours, classes, and descriptions below to get started! We look forward to seeing you there!

Kung Fu Class Details and Descriptions

Children Kung Fu Class 
Cost: $100.00 per month
Times: Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Classes comprise of routine drills, basic exercises, emphasis on coordination, and developmental games. Fundamental Shaolin forms, stances, and positions are practiced to pave a solid foundation for more advanced work. These generally incorporate the utilization and practice of memory skills, patterning/sequencing, and simple analysis.

Classical Kung Fu weapon forms are also taught. Such traditional weapons are an integral part of Hung Gar Kung Fu and reflect the Chinese culture’s arts and history.

Our class structure provides an opportunity for children to develop and learn physically, emotionally, individually, and socially. The Siu Lum Pai Kung Fu club curriculum is designed to be physically healthy, mentally stimulating, culturally enriching, and of course, fun. Students are encouraged to be active participants and leaders so that they may succeed in the classroom, personal/social relationships, and the real world.

Adult Kung Fu Class
Cost: $100.00 per month
Times: Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The adult curriculum involves foundational forms, stretches, jumps, and a series of structured, Shaolin-based exercises. These basics are crucial for any student wishing to advance in training. Self-Defense is another component, incorporating various techniques from sparring to kick-boxing, and grappling. Overall fitness is also developed, as it has been found to help with weight loss, speed, coordination, flexibility, and a generally healthy state.

Traditional weapons are also practiced. Instructors walk students through each step of weapon forms, explaining its concepts and demonstrating its uses and relative applications. Classes are set in a relaxing and supportive learning environment. SLP fight club curriculum provides an excellent way to effectively unwind yourselves from stresses of academic studies, tiring work days, or the busy demands of your schedule.

We welcome individuals of all age ranges, backgrounds, and experiences. One of our goals is to lead students to appreciate and enjoy the art of Shaolin Kung Fu and to become competent Kung Fu practitioners.

<h3">Classical Weaponry

One of the most unique features of Hung Gar Kung Fu is its weaponry. Kung Fu presents a wide range of elaborate and interesting weapons that offers the art an even more distinct flavor. Such ancient weapons include various types of staffs, swords, spears, daggers, etc. Individual weapon training is also available.

Such ancient weapons include various types of staffs, swords, spears, daggers, etc. Hung Gar Kung Fu incorporates a selection of classical weapons in its Kung Fu curriculum. Individual weapon training is also available.

Private Instruction

Cost: $60.00 per hour

Private lessons are available to meet our student’s specific goals and needs. For additional information, please meet with your instructor.