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X-Jow: Natural Pain Relief Gel for Muscle and Joint Pain/ Sports Injuries. (4 oz)

  • X-JOW IS A REVOLUTIONARY PAIN RELIEF GEL, which combines the infinite wisdom of Western and Chinese healing arts. Our analgesic formulation addresses an age old issue of pain, traumatic, and sports injuries.
  • X-Jow is NSAID free yet powerful gel, which penetrates quickly to provide pain relief for Sprains, Strains, Back and Neck pain, Arthritis, Sports Injuries such as, Tennis Elbow, Wrist Sprains, Runner's Knee, Sprained Ankle, Bruising and other painful conditions.
  • X-Jow pain gel has taken this industry by storm. Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physical Therapist, Athletic teams use X-Jow to provide fast pain relief, and injury recovery, for their patients and athletes.

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Herbal Medicine That Does What Others Don’t

If you’re ready for long-lasting pain relief that doesn’t just produce superficial results, then X-Jow Pain Relief Gel is the right solution for you. By increasing joint circulation while supporting soft tissue, clearing inflammation and ultimately reducing pain, the comprehensive solution that you’ve been waiting for is here.

Get yours today and experience what X-Jow Arthritis Pain Relief Gel has to offer.

Use Code: MAY20
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