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Silky Revolution - One Singular Sensation

With the thousands of skin creams and anti-aging products on the market today, it's hard to imagine a true revolution in skin care occurring. Every new product that debuts purports to be "revolutionary" and a never-before-seen "miracle" for wrinkles and blemishes, whether the ingredient du jour is retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, or botulism toxin.

But what would a true revolution in skin care actually look like? It would have to be a product that offered:

• Liberation from time-consuming, expensive regimens. Product lines that require one cream for night, another cream for day, one cream for eyes and yet another for neck and face can be confusing, cumbersome, and costly.
• Deep healing penetration as opposed to the surface plumping, peeling, and manipulation that characterize the vast majority of anti-aging products on today's market. Beautiful skin is first and foremost healthy skin, and true nourishment can only take place beneath the surface.
• Natural ingredients that allow the body to work in concert with nature, as opposed to invasive toxins and poisons used to prod the skin into compliance. Over time, these harsh regimens compromise the integrity of the skin and leave it the worse for wear.
• Clinically proven results that aren't just based on a few studies commissioned by pharmaceutical companies out for profit but rather clinical evidence witnessed over time by an expert practitioner.

If you've been seeking this kind of bona fide revolution in anti-aging skincare, then look no further. The revolution is here...and it's silky!

Silky Revolution


Silky Revolution is an all-in-one day and night cream based on ancient Chinese herbal ingredients that, when used on a regular basis, tightens skin, reduces blemishes, eliminates dark circles, and imparts brightness. Once you begin using it, you can toss the multiple bottles of creams, serums, lotions, and toners that have cost you so much time to use properly and so much money to maintain. Silky Revolution will be the only skincare product that you ever need. It's a "singular sensation" that will radically simplify your life.

Deep Healing Penetration

So how can this one jar of cream be so effective and potent that it can stand alone in your skincare regimen? The secret is that Silky Revolution marries Western science and Eastern medical wisdom for a mix of exceptionally healing herbs that penetrate deeply.

The traditional Chinese medical approach views premature aging of the skin as a sign of insufficient circulation. To nurture beautiful skin that's bright, smooth, and wrinkle- and blemish-free, Chinese practitioners have long drawn upon herbs that act as blood tonics, which increase blood circulation and help augment delivery of necessary nutrients to the skin. It's a perspective that recognizes the way in which aging happens from the inside out. 

The unique blood-nourishing blend of Chinese herbs in Silky Revolution boosts blood circulation and collagen formation, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. In addition, its oil-free cream base provides a deep penetrating agent that, drawing on the most cutting-edge Western science, is supremely moisturizing.

Natural Ingredients

Silky Revolution combines the following healing herbs from the highest quality herbal sources:

• Schizandra fruit:
• Goji Berry:
• White Peonae:
• Rhemaniae:
• Poligoni Multiforae:
• Angelica Sinesis:
• Astragalus:
• Salvia Root:

Aside from these herbs and the moisturizing base, there are no added fragrances or impurities. That means Silky Revolution is non-greasy, safe for even the most sensitive and mature skin, and has a clean, natural scent derived from its herbal ingredients.

Clinically Proven Results

Silky Revolution is formulated by Dr. Aram Nalbandyan, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine who trained at the prestigious Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, California, and completed specialty training in Orthopedics, Rheumatology, and Pain Management. 

Dr. Nalbandyan first thought to formulate an anti-aging product when he noticed the beneficial effects of his X-Jow Trauma Liniment on the skin. Since X-Jow is primarily used to treat soft tissue injuries, many of his patients involved in martial arts rub it on their joints before conditioning workouts. Regularly applying the liniment with their hands had the extra effect of smoothing rough skin on the hands and preventing calluses.

The reason X-Jow had this effect on the skin is that it contains herbs that increase blood circulation and thereby nourish the skin. Dr. Nalbandyan decided to adjust the formula and blend the herbs in a cream base so it would be appropriate and effective for sensitive facial skin. The result was Silky Revolution. In Dr. Nalbandyan's clinical practice, he has observed Silky Revolution's proven results.

Join the Revolution

Are you a "Silky Revolutionary?" If any or all of the following describe you, then you're ready to join the revolution. 

• You want utter simplicity in your skincare regimen. 
• You want to restore harmony and integrity to your chemically peeled and prodded skin.
• You want to have clinical confidence in your skincare purchase.
• You want to experience a supremely smooth, healthy glow to your face that turns back the hands of time. 

Silky Revolution can be purchased through Dr. Nalbandyan's online herbal store, 

How to Use Silky Revolution

For best results, apply in the morning and before bed. By the third or fourth day of use, you'll notice that your skin feels glowing, rejuvenated, and – as the name promises – silky!

Herbal ingredients:
Schizandra fruit, Goji Berry, White Peonae, Rhemaniae, Poligoni Multiforae, Angelica Sinesis, Astragalus, Salvia Root.

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